bergen kjøtt

Bergen Kjøtt is a venue for production and showcasing of work by artists and musicians in Bergen, Norway. Situated in an old meat factory of 2000 square metres, 300 artists and musicians have their studios in the building. Bergen Kjøtt was set up to provide an alternative space for professional artists and musicians to work, meet, and collaborate, as well as initiate and organise various events in the 2nd floor venue. The phenomenon and space which is Bergen Kjøtt is unprecedented: locally produced, young, experimental art meets more established art on an international level. The platform Bergen Kjøtt – studios and exhibition spaces – is run by Annine Birkeland and Stig Anderson, through Bergen Contemporary Art Project (BCAP). On the ground floor, Numi Thorvarsson runs the one-night-only concept Slakt. The Bergen Kjøtt 2nd floor gallery is suited to both exhibitions and concerts, and can accommodate an audience of up to 600 people. Bergen Kjøtt was initiated by Annine Birkeland in 2009 and has managed to grow and flourish for almost a decade – and counting. Key aims for the Bergen Kjøtt community include professionalisation, exchange of knowledge and internationalisation.