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BERGEN KJØTT Main Gallery [2nd floor] – Photographic Field Trip Vol. 4 • KOBIE NEL Apple Puma

Apple Puma was a living installation that was on view at Bergen Kjøtt in may 2018. Working towards keeping an active dialogue about artistic research practice and development of practice, which does not focus on finished polished objects; Apple Puma presented a challenge to notions of care, exploring its significance as an ethical and political obligation for thinking in the more than human worlds of naturecultures. Kobie has a love for colour and a unrelenting interest in the intersection of the pictorial way of looking, or thinking, with a physical matter of the body and the materiality of things in a space. She is interested in how we experience the physical world using our perceptual apparatus eyes, brain and size. Nel often creates site specific installations for the audience and herself too, that probes, provoke and simply raise awareness of this contingent universe we find ourselves in. Kobie has a research based practice and works within photography, text , video, sculpture and installation. Kobie invited musician and composer, Stephan Meidell to collaborate with the living installation as a closing for Apple Puma. Watch Stephan Meidells performance Stephan Meidell unplugged with the Canary Bird orchestra here (if you missed it).


Recently at BERGEN KJØTT

24.05–23.06. About Description by Claude Iverné: A photographic record about the rashness of an ineluctable modernity, from local self-sufficiency cultures in Sudan in the context of a global market economy. Claude Iverné’s works vibrates between an anthropological approach and a silent intuitive and lyrical exploration in which the visitor is inticed to find his own way. The exhibition was presented in collaboration with Theatergarasjen.


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05.–08.09. Bergen Assembly Actually, theDead are not Dead. Opening days (11.00–19.00).